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OBM rapid A1c At-Home Test for the Entire Family.

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Test Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

OBM rapid A1c is a portable at-home A1c testing device requiring only one blood sample drop. The palm-sized device is easy to use, with no prior training or experience needed.

The OBM rapid A1c meter can be reused without required maintenance. Trust our all-in-one solution for you and your family's diabetes management.

A1c testing for patients
Patient-focused diabetes care

Obtain Unbiased, Accurate Results

Unlike other POC tests on the market, OBM rapid A1c is unaffected by hemoglobin variants that can skew results.

Hemoglobin variants are most commonly found in Black, South and Southeast Asian, and Mediterranean patient populations, leading to inaccurate A1c readings and diabetes treatment options for minority populations.

Obtain unbiased, accurate results unaffected by hemoglobin variants for all patient demographics.

Are you tired of visiting the doctor every three months to test your A1c?
Manage your diabetes from home with OBM rapid A1c At-Home.

How Do I Use OBM rapid A1c?

Step 1

Turn on the device and insert the test cartridge.

Step 2

Collect a drop of blood and dilute the blood sample.

Step 3

Drop 2 sample droplets into the cartridge inlet and wait for your results.

A1c monitoring solutions

Product Specifications

  • Device Weight: 0.2 lbs

  • Device Dimensions: 2.7 in x 3.8 in x 1.1 in

  • Sample Volume: 0.005 mL (5µl)

  • Number of Cartridges Per Box: 4

  • Cartridge: 24-month-long shelf life, no refrigeration required. 

Get A1c results anywhere in 5 minutes.

Competitive Comparison: Home-Based A1c Devices for Consumer Usage

*OBM rapid A1c is the only POC A1c test on the market whose results are not skewed by hemoglobin variants.

 **Current at-home A1c tests rely on exact sample requirements, without a margin of error. As a result, patients struggle to obtain accurate test results due to mistakes in sample size. 
****Analyzer is a one-time purchase as it is reusable and has an indefinite shelf life. Unlike other tests on the market, only cartridge refills need to be purchased.


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