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We devote our best efforts to improving wellness for everyone.


We want to bring happiness to everyday life.


We have developed a point-of-care testing device(POCT) that serves anyone, anywhere.


We lead the way to the future of medicine with cutting-edge medical technologies.

Our product - OBM rapid A1c

1. HbA1c, the key for prognosis and management of diabetes

4 million people die every year from complications of diabetes. An elevated level of HbA1c indicates an increase in blood viscosity, which is a significant cause of serious medical complications.

2. Problem: Absence of HbA1c monitoring home device

Although HbA1c testing is a vital step for effective diabetes management, there has never been an at-home monitoring device for diabetic patients as accurate and precise as laboratory devices.

3. OBM rapid A1c, the most accurate point-of-care testing device

OrangeBiomed develops a POCT (point-of-care testing) device achieving both accuracy and precision. We believe A1C Alert can improve the quality of life for diabetic patients.



Unghyeon Ko



Yeaseul Park


MBA @ Duke Univ.

Seungjin Kang

Engineering Team

M.S. @ SNU

Eunyoung Park

Engineering Team


Luke Jo

Business Team

M.S. @ Duke Univ.

Sangwoo Kim

Production Team

Manufacturing director

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