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Detect and Manage Diabetes.
Test A1c Quickly and Accurately.

Solve Gaps in Diagnosis Rates

Of the 37.3 million adults with diabetes in America, 8.5 million are undiagnosed. Regular A1c testing is important and can solve this gap.

OBM rapid A1c is simple, accurate, and can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Start Preventive Treatment Earlier

Untreated diabetes leads to higher blood viscosity, which implies an elevated risk of developing microvascular complications.

Routine A1c screening enables earlier prevention and more diabetes treatment options for better long-term health.

Overcome Racial Disparities in Accuracy

Current A1c devices can generate inaccurate results for patient populations with African, Asian, and Mediterranean ancestry.

Our test is unaffected by the hemoglobin variant tolerance, ensuring accuracy.

Routine, affordable A1c tests to stop the diabetes pandemic.
5 minutes to diagnose more patients.

Fast, Accurate, and Easy to Use


Receive a result in only

5 minutes


The most accurate POC device on the market

Easy to Use

Guided system with no training or calibration required

For Clinics

1. The only lab-accurate POC device on the market unaffected by hemoglobin variants.

2. Carry it in your pocket from patient to patient.

3. Spend less compared to traditional tabletop devices.

4. No refrigeration is required—long shelf life, unlike other reagent-included tests.

5. No maintenance or calibration is required.

A1c monitoring technology
A1c testing devices

For At-Home Use

1. Easy sample collection with only one drop of blood needed.

2. Rapid and accurate accurate A1c results in 5 minutes or less.

3. Long shelf life, unlike other at-home A1c devices.

4. Fully guided system for easy testing.

5. Lab-level accuracy in the comfort of your own home.

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