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Meet the Team Leading a New Paradigm of Diabetes Care.

Who We Are
Orange Biomed is a healthcare startup with cutting-edge diabetes management solution.

Our Mission

Orange Biomed’s mission is to bring happiness to the daily lives of those with diabetes. By seamlessly integrating lab-level technology into point-of-care devices, we make healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Our Innovation

It’s not about improving the current technology. It's about disrupting the old-fashioned IVD method utilized for the last few decades.

Our Results

We are setting a new standard with single-cell analysis using microfluidic technology.

OBM rapid A1c

Our Story

In 2019, our two co-presidents met at Duke University, one researching biomedical engineering at Duke Hospital and the other studying healthcare management at Duke Business School.

The pandemic took over the U.S. in 2020. Our co-presidents worked to identify the unmet needs of patients having difficulty visiting a doctor to manage their diabetes due to isolation. This sparked the idea of a new technology and company.


In 2021, Orange Biomed was created to solve unmet diabetes-focused healthcare needs. How? By bringing state-of-the-art POC technology into patients' homes. Globally, 537 million people have diabetes. Monitoring HbA1c regularly is essential as it predicts a risk of developing life-threatening diabetic complications. 


In 2022, Orange Biomed successfully developed a prototype of a portable A1c meter. OBM at-home A1c device is an accessible and affordable care option for proper diabetes management.


The home-based medical device fills the significant gap between hospitals and patients' homes by cutting healthcare costs and providing a better quality of life to people with diabetes.


In 2023 and beyond, Orange Biomed aims for OBM rapid A1c to become a game-changer in patient-oriented healthcare. OBM rapid A1c offers a user-centered design integrated with state-of-the-art technology, providing healthcare solutions for diabetes management.

Meet The Leadership Team

Unghyeon Ko
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Seungjin Kang
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Engineering Team
 Luke Jo
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Business Team
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Yeaseul Park
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co-pres (1).png
 Eunyoung Park
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Engineering Team
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Sangwoo Kim
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Production Team
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Our Core Values


Smart, intelligent, positive leadership.


We won’t stop learning and expediting new technology. We will expand our footprint globally.


We aim to contribute globally to our family, friends, community, society, and humanity. We promise to make products to save family and friends.


We recruit top global talent to support our core values. Click here to inquire about open positions.


We initiate, and we take responsibility.


We will listen to your opinions. We will realize the ideas. We will find the solution to your requests.

Our Partners

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Are you on a mission to reduce the diabetes burden?

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