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Convenient, Portable, Accurate 5-minute Test.

How can OBM rapid A1c be used?

Believe your patients are underdiagnosed? 

Need to give your patients a better diabetes management tool?

Managing Type I or II diabetes?

Suspect your loved one might have diabetes?


Monitoring your prediabetes?


Seeking accurate, POC tests for racially diverse patient populations?

We’re here to help.

Portable A1c testing
At-home A1c device

Did you know?

Taking the A1c blood test four times per year helps you:

1. Monitor your risk for prediabetes and diabetes.

2. Support earlier condition diagnosis and intervention.

3. Better manage your diabetes or prediabetes.


4. Determine the success of your treatment.


5. Improve your overall diabetes management habits. 

Our guided, reusable system makes routine testing easier.

Interested in trying the next-generation A1c testing?

OBM rapid A1c_Professional.jpg

Benefits of OBM rapid A1c For Clinics

1. Reusable, pocket-sized device can be carried from patient to patient. 

2. The only lab-accurate POC device on the market unaffected by hemoglobin variants.


3. Obtain immediate test results for patients in 5 minutes or less. 

4. No calibration or maintenance is required. 


5. Long shelf life with no refrigeration is required, unlike other reagent-included tests.

Hemoglobin variant tolerance
Accurate A1c results
OBM rapid A1c_At home.jpg

Benefits of OBM rapid A1c At-Home

1. Only one drop of blood needed for simple sample collection with less-mess. 

2. Quick, lab-level accurate results in 5 minutes or less.

3. Built-in visual guide makes the process easy to follow.

4. Long lasting, reusable system to monitor the health status of multiple family members. 

5. Unaffected by hemoglobin variants, ensuring accuracy for diverse patient populations.

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