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Orange Biomed to Attend MEDICA & Diabetes Technology Meeting to Spread Awareness of A1c Testing Gaps

Following their first U.S. tour, Orange Biomed will exhibit at the Diabetes Technology Meeting and MEDICA.

Seattle, WA, October 30, 2023—Orange Biomed—a healthcare startup with cutting-edge diabetes management technology—announced their attendance at major industry events: Diabetes Technology Meeting and MEDICA. Orange Biomed is a medical device innovator aiming to fill critical testing gaps for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes with their breakthrough microfluidic PoC A1C test, the OBM rapid A1c, which they will present at upcoming conferences.

“OBM rapid A1c is a portable, guided, five-minute test that requires only a single drop of blood to produce accurate results anytime, anywhere,'' says Yeaseul Park, Co-President of Orange Biomed. The accuracy of A1c tests is important to assess any necessary medication changes and possible health risks from diabetes-related complications. Inaccurate results are dangerous as they can lead to inappropriate medication. Current point-of-care A1c tests on the market tend to produce inaccurate results, especially in nonwhite patients. This inequity can be attributed to hemoglobin variants which are found more in people with African, South and Southeast Asian, Hispanic, and Mediterranean ancestry. Orange Biomed will help solve this problem of inaccuracy because the OBM rapid A1c produces results that aren’t interfered with by hemoglobin variants, allowing for better diabetes management across all patient demographics.

Co-founders Dr. Ko and Yeaseul Park recently toured the U.S. to meet with industry experts like Dr. David Klonoff, the Medical Director of the Diabetes Research Institute of Mills-Peninsula Medical Center and a Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF. The meeting was held to discuss closing the health equity gaps in A1c testing. They also had the pleasure of meeting with Irina Nayberg, the Senior Clinical Research Coordinator of the Institute, and Duke University Professor Shyni Varghese to delve into the latest advancements and applications of technology in the field of medical devices.

Orange Biomed will continue to educate the public about their new device at the Diabetes Technology Meeting in November. The event, organized by the Diabetes Technology Society, will be held virtually from November 2nd to 4th of this year. Leading scientists in the diabetes research field will learn about the latest technological advances in the diabetes industry.

Orange Biomed is also excited to announce their participation in MEDICA, taking place from November 13th to 16th in Dusseldorf, Germany. MEDICA is one of the biggest medical trade fairs and attracts companies from all over the world. Orange Biomed will be exhibiting and promoting their rapid A1c test at MEDICA under the product categories blood flow measurement equipment, glucose testing, and diagnostic rapid tests.

About Orange Biomed

Headquartered in South Korea, Duke University alumni Dr. Unghyeon Ko and Yeaseul Park launched Orange Biomed in 2021, a healthcare startup with cutting-edge diabetes management technology. Studies of OBM rapid A1c are currently being conducted with Asan Medical Center.

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